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Bug ID Copyright 1996 Michael V. Osier


Uses the methods of Johnson et al (in "Biochemical Differentiation of the Enterobacteriaceae with the Aid of Lysine-Iron-Agar", Applied Molecular Biology, 1966, p. 212) to identify Enterobacteriaceae.

NOTE: Michael V. Osier takes no responsibility for the results of this program in any way, shape, or manner including damage caused by the program in any way, shape, or manner. In other words, USE AT OWN RISK.

Although Michael Osier makes no guarantee of support, Michael Osier will accept emailed suggestions for improvements at:

Basic Usage

Tests for strains showing LIA results of AA are not identifiable in this program.

From the DOS prompt, type BugID.  Read the introductory information.  Press
 or  to accept, or  otherwise.
Once inside the program, you can Clear all results in memory, Modify results in memory, Identify a set of test results, Save or Load a series of test results, or Quit. Twenty sets of data are stored in a series.

With the exception of LIA (which uses K and A for results), and IMVC (which uses a series of four +'s and -'s for results), all test results are designated with a single "+" or "-" or "0" (for unknown).

To attempt to identify a set of test results, go to the main menu, and to Identify. Select which set of data you wish to interpret. Bug ID will tell you which tests are necessary for reasonable certainty. Again, please note that strains with the LIA result of AA are not identifiable in this program.

Misc Notes

This program was written my Freshman year at the University of Vermont to help Dr. Carol Lauzon in her lab. Unfortunately, with the normal interuptions of life, I was unable to complete the program at that time. I have recompiled the program, and written this document in the hopes someone may find it useful. However, I have not completed the work, as I now have other projects which take precedence. If you find a need for this program, write me via email (michael.osier_removeifnotspam@yale.edu), and I _MAY_ be enticed into completing the program if time permits.

Enjoy! :)
Michael "Og" Osier