Camping 2003 - Big Deer

Camping 2003 - Big Deer State Park

The trip to Big Deer, in the Groton State Park, was in late July. Unexpectedly, despite heavy spring rains there were few mosquitos. Or maybe it was just the bug spray. Anyways, this was a solo trip so that I could break in the new fishing gear (see below). It was also, IMO, the best trip yet this year. Although I've said that about each successive trip, so there's great hope for the second half of the summer trips.

On the way in, I made a stop by the Harpoon Brewery (just off VT exit 9 on I-91) to pick up a couple of growlers for evening entertainment.

At the junction of VT Routes 302 and 232 was a little waterfall at the base of a small stream. You'll find these all over the state.

Looking out from the Stillwater State Park (where checkin was) entrance.

This was the largest camp site so far this season, spanning the entire distance between the two red bars at the bottom of the screen in a big circle.

Several butterflies were cruising around the site.

The trail I decided to take on Saturday was chosen for proximity to the Hosmer Brook, not ease of travel. :) There were a number of downed trees across the trail (most much larger than this one), but it was passable.

At one point in the brook was this waterfall, which ran down a single large chunk of stone.

There were also numerous frogs, toads...

...and bright mushrooms.

At the end of the trail and brook was Osmore Pond.

This was the first time I had been fishing in years (and if I recall correctly only the third time in my life) and went amazingly well. Along Hosmer Brook I caught two brook trout. The first was at the base of the trail just under a drain pipe. It appeared to be about 4" long. (Someday we can verify by comparing to the size of features on the fishing rod and the hook.)

The second was much fatter, about 6" long, and extremely healthy.

(For the record, I safely released both fish. Neither was big enough for more than a snack, and might serve as a challenge for someone else some day.)

On the way back to New Haven, I made the traditional stop by the "Scenic Overlook" on I-91 near Holyoke. This time, flowers were in full bloom.

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