Camping 2003 - Button Bay

Camping 2003 - Button Bay State Park

On the ride north there was alternating rain and shine. New Haven was overcast, it rained through Brattleboro in Vermont. At White River Junction the sun came out, and within a few miles was eclipsed again. Finally, the sun triumphed around Richmond.

In MA, however, we had an interesting surprise. It was raining fairly hard, although not enough to constitute a driving hazard. One minute I'm in heavy traffic trying to keep aware of the other cars in front of me. The next minute, I look in my rearview mirror and see a MA State Trooper about four feet off my rear bumper. I didn't hesitate to switch into the slow lane and slow down, as did the car in front of me. Fortunately, we weren't speeding (much), and the trooper had better things to do.

Button Bay is located in Lake Champlain about 30-40 minutes south of Burlington. The sites are all fairly close to the lake itself, in an open environment. I didn't take many pictures of the site itself, since that was taken care of last year. I'll just say I found the perfect site among those at the park. :)

I got to the site a couple hours ahead of Isabel.

The edge of the storm. Isabel is to the west (right).

The next morning, the grass on the bay side was blown flat against the hillside.

Overall, however, we didn't have any serious problems with the wind (gusts were probably <50mph) or rain (what little there was).

The next night I had a serious bonfire to finish off the wood. Here there are three logs, each about 3' long and 6-8" wide, on top of a fire of several normal-sized pieces of wood and maybe eight broken pine boards. After taking this picture, I added the last two logs and the other dozen or so boards. By the time I finished, the flames were about six feet high and it wasn't comfortable to stand within five feet of the fire. When I say a camp fire, I mean it.

The next morning driving out of the camp site there was a haze in the valleys of the mountains ahead.

Umm....where are they hiding Cross Campus? Maybe it's behind those trees?

I stopped briefly at the marble exhibit in Proctor. They have a museum of sculptures, and a gift shop that is actually decent.

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