Camping 2003 - Emerald Lake

Camping 2003 - Emerald Lake State Park

On the way to the park, I stopped by a covered bridge near Brattleboro for a little fishing.

Unfortunately, there weren't any fish to be seen, much less caught. But it was relaxing, and the water was good to wade in, and clear and clean.

Emerald Lake State Park is located between Manchester and Rutland in Vermont, nestled in a valley near Owls Head. The actual camp sites are up a steep ridge from the lake, and you can barely see the lake through the trees.

This site was right on the ridge edge (behind the site), and rather large. It extends between the red bars and is almost as deep as it is wide. My tent is actually hidden behind the site number sign.

The firepit is the standard one being installed at all the Vermont parks. It does a pretty good job of containing the fire and protecting against the wind, and gives a grill to cook on so you don't need to bring one.

Saturday morning I stopped by the lake to try fishing again. Unfortunately, it rained hard Friday night so the fish weren't biting again. A few little ones came up to have a look, but none were biting.

At the end of the trail along the lake was a small beaver damn upstream of the lake and along Otter Creek.

One thing I've noticed throughout the state this summer is a lot of what, as kids, we used to call Lady's Slippers. I'm not sure what the real common name is*, but it's good to see them thriving.

* Update: I have been informed that their common name is "Jewelweed".

Even overcast the mountains are gorgeous. You can watch the clouds glide over the peaks.

Since the fish weren't biting, I headed out to the State Fair in Rutland with Jaime, Sabrina, and Shevaun. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera in, since Jaime got stuck in one of the rides when the power went out. :)

I stopped by Jamaica on the way back. Who knew it was this far north? :)

The bridge to the state park there is a metal structure with wooden planks for a driving surface originally constructed in 1926.

Just south of Jamaica was D&K Garden Center. In the greenhouse was a succulent starting to flower...

...and the "Butterfly Heaven". This was a modified, heated greenhouse where butterflies are raised from caterpillars. It also had an aviary with various tropical birds.

There was a warning that the birds might try to land in people's hair, but I didn't believe they would actually try it.

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