Camping 2003 - Gifford Woods

Camping 2003 - Gifford Woods State Park

Gifford Woods State Park is at the junction between the Appalachian Trail that runs from Georgia to Maine, and the Long Trail that runs through Vermont into Canada. This is a great site for hiking (as you'll see below), but not a good place for swimming. :)

On the way in, I stopped at Quechee Gorge. There was a small touristy craft center with a train that did a loop through the parking lot...

...and, of course, the gorge itself nearby.

As we had in the past three trips, the camp site had plenty of space for three tents (one was down when I took this picture on the way out), ...

... the fire pit, and three cars (mine is hiding to the far left and hard to see).

The fire pit was the same as at the other three sites. Apparently they use this construction at many of the Vermont sites. They work rather well, although it would be nice to be able to move the grills.

On the second day, a Moose and a Feesh led the way to hike up to Deer Leap Overlook.

Bonus point question: what is this flower? It has pink stripes running out the petals that can't be seen. They looked to be with the clover-like leaves, but don't look like clovers to me.*

* Update: I have been informed this is Woodsorrel, aka "lemonleaves".

At the Overlook, the Feesh and Moose got some sun on the rock overlooking the Pico Ski Resort.

Meanwhile, the Og scanned the mountains, enjoying angling his water bottle to make noise as the wind blew by.

On the way out, I stopped by one of the small rivers running along the road. These are quite common in the state, and Ogs enjoy wandering along them, even if they are supposed to be driving home.

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