Camping 2003 - Underhill

Camping 2003 - Underhill State Park

The Underhill trip took place in mid-June. The trees were full of leaves again, critters were out (including an overfed chipmunk), and the spring rains were just starting (late). Fortunately, we missed all but a couple hours of rain on the return from the hike.

The camp sites were spacious, with room for about four tents, a nice site for the fire, even a block for chopping wood and small grill. The trees provided lots of shade throughout the day, and the brook down the ravine sang all day and all night with the last of the spring snow melt.

Mount Mansfield is the highest peak in Vermont (~4400 ft), and a decent hike. The change in elevation from the campsite is ~2000 ft, and the trail we took is ~2 miles long.

Along the hike up Mount Mansfield were numerous rock overhangs...

well marked trails with plenty of rocks for traction instead of mud...

and clouds rising up the mountain to deposit their rain.

From the summit we could see the Mount Mansfield Ski Resort on the other side of the mountain from the camp site...

and the U.S. geological marker from....1924?

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