Camping 2003 - Woodford

Camping 2003 - Woodford State Park

Woodford State Park is the highest elevation Vermont state park camp site. This trip was in mid-May so the non-evergreen trees were just starting to grow their leaves. The skies were clear for the weekend, and the mosquitos were rare. The only sounds were the other couple groups of campers (rarely), geese, friends, campfire, and an occasional wookie (inside joke :).

As always, the camp site had plenty of space for three tents (mine is hiding on the right side and the other arrived the next day), the fire pit, and two cars (another late arrival). We could even stretch a clothesline across the site.

This site was directly on the lake (ok, not where the below image depicts, which is nearby, but about 10 ft out from the water as you can see above and gorgeous).

There is a trail around the lake (~1.5 miles) which was ungroomed (we did arrive on the first day they opened the park :) and great fun. Mountain streams ran down from the nearby slopes into the lake.

On the second day, we hiked in the George Aiken Wilderness Area, which is an untouched (no logging, trail grooming, anything) region open to the public. Along the way were, ubiquitous in Vermont, large rocks just sitting in the woods. These are remnants of the last glacial expansion, pushed by the ice across the landscape and left standing.

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