The Hard Drive Cleaner

Current Version: 2.00

In the winter of 1994, three computer counselors for the The University of Vermont noticed the usage of games on computer lab pc's was getting out of control. Users with the legitimate academic need to type papers, make graphs and presentations, and do research on the net were being displaced by game players. As much as they liked to play these very same games, students with real academic needs had to come first.

The Director of CIT Client Services, Ellen Mainiero, sought out ways to automate cleaning games off of the hard drive, to make playing these games more difficult for the offenders. Unfortunately, these programs were fairly expensive. As it was more cost effective, Ellen turned these three students loose on a project to create a program in house.

And thus, these students embarked on a year and a half journey, finding new ways users were hiding files, and patching the holes.

The result was CHKDX.

The students were Michael Osier, Michael Austin, and Peter Strickland (whereabouts unknown).


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