The Cleaner

Version 96a

Copyright 1996 by Michael V Osier

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What is The Cleaner?

The Cleaner is a utility designed to clean unwanted files (ie games) off of IBM Compatible systems which are available for multi- person use. It is the hope of the author that The Cleaner can keep such systems in their proper configuration and discourage game usage. In this way, the users can be encouraged to get the most productivity out of the systems in academic, corporate, or non- profit organizations.

The program loads a pre-created list of files which should be on the system, recurses through the hard drive and deletes those which shouldn't be there, then restores those files which should be there if a "mirror" is specified. In this way, only the files you want are on the drive, and all the files you want may be restored at boot time, guarding a working configuration.

For those curious about the features, The Cleaner was designed to be fast, thorough, and flexible. Files which should not be on the drive are quickly moved to a "Trash" directory. If a user accidentally leaves a data file on the hard drive, it will be swept into the trash for later recovery if desired. Files older than a period of days designated by the installer are erased, conserving disk space.

If a file which should be on the drive is found, its size is checked against its listed size, to be reasonably sure the file is what its name claims it is. This prevents users from hiding files as ones which should be there. It can also allow for quick and easy upgrades by simply changing the list of files and the files on the mirror drive, then running The Cleaner on all systems. Optionally, files larger than an administrator designated size can be deleted as found, allowing for quick and thorough destruction of the new wave of large game data files.

The Cleaner also allows for flexible administrator configuration. For example the administrator can change which systems are to be cleaned, the name of the trash directory, the location of the mirror drive, if the size of a file should be checked for authenticity, and how many days a file is kept in the trash directory before deletion. See "How to Install The Cleaner" for more information.

Usage Agreement

Michael V Osier makes no guarantees about this product in any way or manner. The user assumes full responsibility for the use of this product. In no event shall the liability of Michael V Osier exceed the fee charged by Michael V Osier for usage of the software.

This product is to be distributed as Freeware. There is no charge to use this product in any educational institution, nonprofit organization, or corporation. Michael V Osier _asks_ that users of The Cleaner send a postcard to his contact mail address (See "Contact Information"). Users from other types of institutions must receive written authorization from Michael V Osier to use this product.

No charge is to be made for the exchange of this product, excepting a nominal distribution fee of under $5. If multiple products are distributed along with The Cleaner, the mean distribution fee (total distribution fee for the package divided by the number of products) must be under $5.

System Requirements for Use

The Cleaner will run on any IBM Compatible with MS or PC DOS 3.30 or higher, and on IBM Compatibles running Windows 95 (The Cleaner supports long file names). The system must have a hard drive named "C:", an Ethernet card, and a minimum of 640Kb conventional RAM. There should not be more than 1500 files on the system if the administrator desires to restore files off of the mirror drive. (Actual performance will vary depending on configuration. The administrator should experiment for optimal results.) The system time must be maintained accurately if the administrator desires to keep user files in the trash for a period of days.

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Contact Information

The author encourages suggestions for improvements and bug reports. Please contact the author (via postcard if short enough :) with such information.

Michael V Osier maintains a permanent US Mail address at:
40 Jackson Street
Essex Junction, VT 05452

The author also maintains an email account at for email. His home page on the WWW is located at "".

In the event any of the above changes, the author's home page may be found with WWW search engines by name. The author will attempt to maintain his home page, and will include his current email address on this page.