DNA Sequence Analyzer

Copyright 1996 Michael Osier

This program is to be distributed as Freeware.

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Michael Osier takes no responsibility for any damage caused directly or indirectly by this program. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The DNA Sequence Analyzer attempts to provide extremely simple analysis of DNA sequences for researchers and students. It will search for Start Codons, Open Reading Frames, Poly A Tails, and Kozak Boxes. It also searches for a simple "gene" by looking for an open reading frame with an appropriately located Kozak Box.

The program is run by typing "dnaseq [filename]" where [filename] is the name of a text file containing a standard FASTA/Pearson format DNA sequence. DNAseq loads the sequence into memory, and provides a menu of options. After a search option is entered, the user is asked for an output file name. The sequence is scanned for the desired characteristic, and the results written to the output file.


Please also note that attempts to run the program in Windows XP failed. I have no obvious specific explanation, but it is almost certainly language related (Pascal). If there is time, I may rewrite the code in C or Java to make it more portable. The likelihood of a rewrite is proportional to how heavily the program appears to be used (e.g., emails stating usage will help) and how much free time I have.

If you find more bugs, please contact the author.

The author may be reached by email at michael.osier_removeifnotspam@yale.edu, or by US Mail at:

Michael Osier
40 Jackson Street
Essex Jct, VT 05452
Feel free to write to the author about any successes or failures while using DNAseq. I always enjoy hearing how my programs perform, and what improvments could be made.

Thank you for using this product, and enjoy!