SNP Conference

The Single Nucleotide Polymorphism and Complex Genome Analysis conference was held at Schloss Hohenkammer in southern Germany, about 50 kilometers outside of Munich. The local area is quite beautiful and relaxing, surrounded by many farms and small communities.

Conference "hotel" entrance.

Those of you who know me well will see they reserved a considerable amount of space in the hotel for me. < g > Actually, "OG" either means "floor" or "rooms" in German. I haven't had a chance to check which, but I'm leaning toward rooms.

The room itself was quite comfortorable with modest, but quite sufficient and well cared for, furnishings. It's not a king size bed, but who needs one anyways? The practical side of the Germans didn't seem to override the demand for comfort, and they provided both in abundance wherever I turned.

The view outside the window was itself pleasant allowing one's thoughts to wander.

The pool in the basement was about 15m long: small enough to relax and play in (can you picture grad students, post-docs, and faculty seeing who can make a splash that reaches the ceiling? :) and not too short for those who wished to exercise a little.

Outside was a small stream where ducks and swans floated.

The castle next door is where the actually conference itself was held. From what the conference organizers were saying, this castle had been razed many times in its history.

The outside moat was spanned by wooden bridges.

Walkways on each floor overlooked a central stone-paved courtyard.

The room in which talks were held seated a little over one hundred.

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