Here's the hotel where I stayed while in Munich. Again, small but comfortable, and the staff were extremely helpful.

Entering Oktoberfest I came across a real pony ride for the kids. Any illusions I may have had at that moment of this being just a carnival were soon shattered.

The classic macho game of "hit the lever and ring the bell". A couple guys actually did it.

Here it is. The sign over my first beer garden experience. The next few images come from the beer garden of Paulaner. Basically, one just finds an open space to sit, waits for the beer girls, and states "en beer" in the poor American immitation of German. 1 L beers cost about $5.50 American dollars. It didn't take too many to sink me.

This is the nice couple from New Zeland that sat down and talked with me over a couple beers. Quite a way to vacation!

This is the statue which looks out over the Oktoberfest site. The little specks at the base are people. Following it is an image of the sign at the base of the statue and a view of the columns and busts behind it.

Another beer garden just around sunset. Sat down here for my third and final beer.

At the last place, caught this guy in more traditional garb. Quite a few people actually dressed for the occasion.

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