English Garden

English Garden

While in Munich, I also visited the English Garden. It's sort of like Central Park in New York, only nice. The park is well cared for, the people are nice, and in general it's extremely relaxing to walk around. I could see very little trash (if any). From the direction I entered the park (heading north), the park opens up onto two little bridges over one of the artifical streams which run through the park. The water for this stream seems to run through the city itself. Despite this, the water is remarkably clean.

There were numerous ducks and swans swimming through the artificial pond near the Japanese Tea House. If you look carefully at the water, you'll note what looks like the remnants of an old artificial wall. Blending in with the background is the Japanese Tea House.

The Japanese Tea House was well disguised on a little island in the pond near the southern entrance to the garden. The stone in front of the house describes the dedication of the building.

On the particular day I was in town, some employees from the local surf shop were boarding in one of the stream inlets where the water was fast enough.

An artificial waterfall.

Looking across one open area one can see a strange tower in the far distance. Lots of people played with their dogs throwing sticks, frisbees, and even weighted plastic toys.

I've been told by friends who can read German that the pedestal in the center of this tower is a dedication of the English Garden by Bavarian royalty in the early 1800's. Despite the graffiti, it was rather nice. If you know more details about this tower, please email me.

Looking out from the building.

The water in the artificial streams sometimes was fairly deep (3'+) and fast.

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