While in Munich, I took some photos within the city and the English Garden. Throughout the city are statues and fountains, some of which have a rather Roman style to them.

Some of the exterior walls are decorated with paintings. This one appears just over the local McDonalds. The bas relief two images down is just to the left of the painting.

About two blocks from my hotel is a place called Isator. I was told by a cabby that Isator is the old city wall, most of which was taken down long ago. This section is all that remains. It consists of three towers (one each on the two sides, and a third behind), a small section of painted wall, and a courtyard in the center. In the left hand tower is a small museum. The third image is a painting within the courtyard.

Just down the street from Isator is Museum fur Volkerkunde, or Museum of Ethnology. While I couldn't take pictures inside, I did take a couple shots of the entrance which has several statues of a man in an animal skin (Hercules?). The feature exhibit the day I was in the city was on the history of Yemen. I had the impression the exhibit of Amerindian artifacts on the third floor was constant.

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