USS Missouri

Tour of the USS Missouri

A WWII era mine at the entrance to the USS Missouri.

A gentleman on the tour with us stuck his entire forearm across the barrel of the guns, and still had a few inches to spare.

An emptied shell. It stands approximately 5 feet tall.

Two silk wrapped powder charges and a powder casing for the shells.

One of the small guns on the side of the ship.

Inside the smaller gun turret.

A missile box attached to the Missouri during Desert Storm. The Missouri served to create a diversion during the opening portion of the conflict.

During a storm, the captain's boat (used to go ashore, etc) came loose and made this dent. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Inside the ship. Extensive renovation occurred before Desert Storm, resulting in more space in the bunks (three high versus the hammocks four and five high during WWII).

The deck where Japan formally surrendered, ending WWII.

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