Pegasus Mail to Eudora conversion program. Current Version is 1.5.

Created to help aid the conversion from Pegasus Mail to Eudora at the University of Vermont. Converts Pegasus Mail Address Books and Mailing Lists to Eudora Address Books, and Pegasus Mail Mail Folders to Eudora Mailboxes.

Tested converting PMail Ver 1.2 (r1) files to Eudora 1.4.4 files across several systems. Has problems with extremely old Pegasus Mail files (such as PMail for DOS).


When entering the paths, be sure to end them with a backslash. Also, be sure the file "nndbase.txt" is present in your Eudora directory and empty. Otherwise, a run time error will result.

For UVM Computer Coordinators:
Usage Instructions

Please make bug reports to michael.osier_removeifnotspam@yale.edu
If you do mail a bug report, please give as much detail as possible (screen captures are nice, but not necessary :)

NOTE: The current version only converts files from PMail 1.2(r1). Upgrading your version of Pegasus does not upgrade your PMail data files, including mail folders.

Download the Executable (12 Kb)