Og's Picture Book

My TaekwonDo page.

My 1998 ASHG Conference page.

Pictures from lab:

Og's desk in the dry lab is on the front left.

The DEC Alpha I run in lab (Krunch).

The courtyard between wings of the building. Fall 98.

Some pictures of the dorm room circa 1999.

Some old pics of og from his index page...

well, here's some shots of Og in action:

The dope in the front is Og.

The dope behind him....we aim to protect the innocent...

Here Og leaps above the water, about to execute a flying sidekick!

(showing plumber's arse)

Some before and after pictures (just before Spring Break, 1994)...

The 1991 Essex High School team to the ACSL (American Computer Science League) All Star Contest...

I love photocopiers! :)