Og's PUDs

River Bed
Blood will flow in the dried up bed of a river long gone.

Dragons are bombarding the town. Set up defenses against their aerial assault, then seek out their air base and destroy it.

Family Feud

A Hard Knight's Work
Lothar, his knights, and peasants have been captured. Rescue them, gather your forces, and wipe out the Orc invaders.

Og's Revenge II
Orcs have taken Edisraf point, and are swarming at your gate. Regroup, strengthen your position, and run the invaders off the island.

A straight one-on-one of even might, orc vs human.

Winter Storm
Orcish strike squads have pushed human forces into the mountains. Briggs Pass is the best place to make a stand. Hold back the Orcish advanced strike squad, and push them out of the mountains.

Spring Thaw
The Orcs have been routed from the mountains, and pushed back toward the sea. Just before you've driven them into the sea, a powerful force appears ahead. They've regrouped in strength! A squadron of your troops are taken as you reverse direction and dig in. Gather your strength, rescue your forces, and drive the orcs to sea.

Summer Lightning
You've driven the orcs to their last island refuge, and have them in full retreat. Engage, and destroy, their forces.

For Oil
Two orc clans. One mother of an oil patch. Knock out the other clan to claim your stake of this great treasure.