Tuli (part 1)

Tuli (part 2)

A group of us from SAIMR went to the Tuli Block game preserve in Botswana one weekend. Tuli is located at the southeast corner of Botswana, adjacent to Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Along the road within South Africa, there are large tracts of open land with mountains in the distance...

and occasionally sunflower farms. Sunflower oil is a common cooking oil available in the grocery stores.

We took a cable car to cross the border over the Limpopo River.

The camp itself is located very close to the Limpopo River and well concealed within the trees.

Near the entrance is a small raised cooking area where we cooked meals and had afternoon tea.

The kitchen is located near the cooking area and has locked cabinets (to keep the baboons out) and a small refridgerator.

Tents covered with a roof to keep out the rain are spread around the area.

My tent was on the far side from the Limpopo and adjacent to the storage shed. This gave a great view of the baboons on the rocks above in the mornings.

Other tents are facing the river.

The chef on our first night was a little frustrated at having to use a wok on a real fire.

Within a short distance of the camp, one can walk up to the Limpopo and look over at the South African farms on the other side.

Behind the tree near the cooking site is a termite mound about 5-6' tall.

It appears to be active from the fresh work on its surface.

On the way over to the Limpopo one of us found an injured frog hiding in a branch. It was perfectly white, which was unexpected. Two days later, it had returned to its normal color and seemed fine, although we could still see the mark in its side.

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