Tuli (part 2)

Tuli (part 1)

From the rocks above camp, we could see the road leading in...

...and the Limpopo leading into the distance...

...and the rocky lands leading away from the camp.

Frequently we would find trees making a living in crevices within the rocks.

Baboons enjoyed spending the night and early morning in the rocks near camp. The one here was rather average sized with a torso of about 2' length. One male was as big as me.

The first night we watched the sun set over a plain. The moon came up almost immediately afterward in a sky only obscured by the occasional cloud.

There were several species of antelope who rapidly skittered away as the vehicle approached...

...although they weren't sure what to do when we shined the spotlight on them at night.

Occasionally we would find creatures that weren't so lucky.

The giraffes seemed more curious about us than alarmed. They would stare at us for a while, then slowly move off.

At one point, a leopard was searching for baboons near the camp. Fortunately for them, they had gone off scavenging already.

At a couple points we encountered zebras...

...and even a turtle that almost didn't make it when he tried to cross in front of the vehicle.

A python hid in a bush as we drove by.

Some dung beetles found a good meal.

We searched for elephants near this river (not the Limpopo), but they apparently left earlier in the year to another area that received rain first.

There are numerous plains around the rocky areas...

...and dried riverbeds.

This is the vehicle our guide took us around in. It was a lot easier to stay in the seat than one would imagine, as Hugh is a great driver.

Monkeys would hang around in the trees above camp waiting for us to leave the food unprotected for a moment.

Our guide Hugh Jenkins.

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